Prove Your NFTs Are Better than the Rest.

Display your token and FUNGYPROOF grade from anywhere with an embeddable NFT badge.

Provide Useful Token Details

The badge pulls data from your contract address and token id to display in your badge. Anyone can view how your token scores on technical qualities such as Eco Impact and Immutability. Read our NFT Primer to see how a token is made.

Simple Embed Script

Just copy and paste the embed script on any website. Then update the code to include your tokens contract and ID.

Verified Ownership.

Connect a wallet and sign a message to prove ownership of the NFTs you display. Ensure viewers your site is the verified owner.

Improve Your Grade with Carbon Offsets.

COMING SOON - FUNGYPROOF will give you estimates of token emissions and link to markets to purchase offsets. Once purchased, your carbon status will get reflected on your token grade.

The Third Party Grading Service for NFTs.

FUNGYPROOF is providing anyone the technical know-how to value NFTs with objective data. Get in touch at

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